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Edge Delivery

Your intelligent Multi-CDN decisioning
solution for mid-stream switching.

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Edge Delivery

Your intelligent Multi-CDN decisioning
solution for mid-stream switching.

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Your Intelligent Multi-CDN Decisioning Solution

Edge Delivery routes content to provide the optimal bit rate for customer retention.
Not only the highest, but the most stable, which reduces churn.

It automates proactive decisioning and selects the lowest cost CDN(s) that meet your QoE objectives while decreasing decisioning costs by 50%. This solution is ideal for VOD and LIVE content providers that want to offer the highest quality while keepingtheir operational cost at the lowest.

Edge Delivery is compatible with all CDNs and is easy to install with a simple SDK.

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Edge Delivery is fully compatible

How It Works

Visibility over the open internet foroptimal delivery and superior decisioning

While other technologies utilize CDNs or end user players/devices to make contentdelivery decisions, these do not take into account the complex interactions of all theintervening nodes and links. Poor QoE is most oen a congestion problem and thedata you need to overcome it lies in-between the CDNs and end devices.

By monitoring & conducting a network analysis of the intervening nodes and links inthe middle, Edge Delivery is capable of predicting congestion and determining theoptimal delivery route for your content. As a proactive solution, Edge Deliverybecomes smarter over time, reducing even more your cost of ownership.

No more need for troubleshooting and guess work.Let AI do the work.

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Forecasting Congestion for OptimalRouting with Edge Delivery

Complementary Edge Analytics Visibilityto Help You Identify the Core of the Problem

To help you visualize the core of the problem, we provide you with Edge Analytics. Thiscomplimentary solution maps out the entire viewer journey (from the moment viewers signin until they disengage) and focuses only on the relevant information that affects churn.

Audience and Resolution Timelines

Edge Analytics combined with Edge Delivery allows you to:

  • Track the entire user journey as we monitor a continuous data stream.
  • Maintain data stream with 1 second granularity on a historical basis.
  • Correlate changes in the number of viewers and QoE over time down to individual resolutions.
  • Segregate into optimal and suboptimal QoE populations with regard to the highest viewable resolution on theend user device.
  • Display in real time either a single resolution/bitrate, single channel (including all resolutions) or all your channels during the whole session or event duration.
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Why You Should Use
Edge Delivery

user experience
by 20%*

Reduce OpEx with automated proactive AI decisioning in real-time

Fully compatible
with your current

Lowest distribution
cost by selecting most
cost-effective CDN(s)

Clean data
for optimal

Rapid deployment one simple SDK gives you full access to our patented solutions

If you want to improve the content delivery of your company and offer a better service to your customers, start using Edge Delivery today.