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Explore our self-learning content and understand how to overcome the Internet's limitations.

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Explore our self-learning content and understand how to overcome the Internet's limitations.

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White Papers

Peer to Peer White Paper

This White Paper looks into how System73’s centrally orchestrated broadcast tree can enhance viewer QoE while reducing latency, churn, and operational costs, in the form of a secure and infinitely scalable solution that allows content providers to deliver live content around the world.

Ensuring Water-tight Security Across P2P Networks

In response to the growing demand for innovative measures to ensure live content delivery, we developed our cutting-edge solution, Edge Intelligence, which employs peer-to-peer (P2P) network technology in order to enhance the efficiency and scope of live content delivery. The positive knock-on effects of this technology also create a more reliable, cost-effective and scalable network compared to traditional CDN systems, and ultimately, enhanced quality of experience (QoE) for end users.

Video Quality Metric for Streaming Service Using DASH Standard

Currently, dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH) standard is used to change the video resolution according to the network capacity of the end user’s.

The live streaming analytics solution for unrivaled visibility over your content delivery

Understand, identify and resolve the causes of suboptimal quality of experience - let’s talk about Edge Analytics.

Maximizing profitability through streaming

This whitepaper will evaluate the new challenges that streaming faces and the solutions we are developing as higher numbers of people demand a more complex array of products and services with greater interactivity, seamlessness, reliability and quality of experience than ever before.

What does the future of the metaverse look like?

We are at the dawn of the metaverse, yet companies like Meta, Microsoft, and Epic Games are already investing billions in infrastructure to be one of the first companies to reap the benefits of this unexplored content platform.

The AI Video Delivery Solution For In-Venue & Corporate Event Streaming

Ideal for Live content, Edge Intelligence applies logistics to your content delivery network to always deliver at the highest quality and in the most cost-effective way. Its unique visibility over the open Internet is what allows Edge Intelligence to execute an intelligent, optimal and cost effective content delivery route that will always bypass congestion. Ultimately this results in your end-users enjoying your services at the best QoE possible as well as a great cost-reduction in your OpEx.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Such a big event is a good opportunity to understand how a video stream, re-transmitted worldwide and simultaneously, can affect the performance of the Internet. For that, both routing data corresponding to the updates of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and latency data between clients and delivery networks, have been retrieved for a set of pre-selected events.

Super Bowl 50. The day the internet died

February 7th, 2016 more than 110 million Americans and NFL fans around the world sat down to watch the annual classic. Food and beverages were at the ready. On average 1.4 million viewers, or 1% of the viewing audience, “tuned in” via OTT. What happened? As reported in the news, many OTT viewers were unable to watch the game until 20 minutes after it started [1], thus missing out on the prime advertising spots. This situation reoccurred during half time severely impacting the much anticipated key advertising and entertainment slots.


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Case Studies

Corporate Events Online

Corporate Events Online (CEO) is an event technology and services company that’s been serving hundreds of clients across thousands of successful events since 2004. They decided to work with System73, a suite of tools that use AI technology to deliver live content around the world using a host of CDNs that CEO don’t have to find, pay for and maintain.


Amman TV Case study

How Edge Intelligence helped the broadcasting company Amman TV to build a reliable streaming service that delivers video at a consistently high quality across any device.


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