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Start indentifying the causes of
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The Online Video Industry’s Problem

Lack Of True Visibility

Most solutions in the market offer a very narrow
visibility over only the end device or CDNs but not the entire scope including what lies in “the open internet” where congestion occurs.

The internet is an incredibly complex and rapidly
changing environment involving billions of nodes and an infinite number of potential data paths. The problem lies in the Border Gateway Protocol.

It directs data over routes which reflect the fewest number of hops – without regard to available capacity of nodes and links along that path. It uses an uninformed spray and pray methodology that utilizes multiple bitrates to deal with congestion.

Resulting In

Less than
broadcast quality
delivery cost
Operating and
capital costs

Edge Analytics Lite:

The visbility needed to guarantee the best QoE

Edge Analytics Lite is designed from the ground up to give any OTT and
broadcasting service the visibility it needs to understand the origin of
hidden problems from “the open internet” where congestion occurs. It’s
with this real- time information that opperators can take the proactive
steps towards an optimal and stable QoE.

Context, Utility &Actionability Come First

Edge Analytics Lite is the only video analytics solution inthe market that collects data across the entire deliverychain; first, middle, and last mile. It’s wide array of datacollection allows it to display contextualized information,free from any irrelevant data.

Online video operators have access to clear dashboardsthat focus on the causes of poor QoE so that they cantake action immediately. This translates into fastertroubleshooting and, ultimately, a flawless QoE.

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Monitor QoE and evaluate your technology strack

Edge Analytics Lite comes packed with the key metrics operators need to determine the state of their infrastructure performance ((Avg. buffer health, filling ration, rebuffering ration and number of sessions).

To complement it, Edge Analytics also provides audience data to identify any potential incomaptibility or device specific issues that could affect viewers’ QoE (Total plays, average audience, sessions by browser, operating system, and connection type).

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Real time date to keep track of your users and understand the impact of congestion

Thanks to real-time audience data at 1 second granularity, individual bitrate tracking and display operators can understand the real QoE perceived by each viewer and realize the impact of uncontrolable factors caused by congestion.

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The only Free online video analytics packed with the essentials to succeed

Key QoE metrics
(Average buffer health & filling ratio, and rebuffering ratio & number of sessions)
Audience data
(Total plays, average audience, sessions by browser, operating system, and connection type)
Bitrate Tracking & Display
Understand the experience of each viewer with visual access to audience QoE by individual bitrate
Real-Time Data at
5-Second Granularity
Data Retention Up to
30 Days FREE
Downloadable Charts & Accessible Data Through API at No Cost
Enable Automated Distribution
Lower OpEx by offloading in one click with Edge Delivery or Edge Intelligence
Up & Running
in 5 Minutes
SDK integration with one line of code
No Strings
No contracts mean start when you’d like and cancel anytime

Free and built to bypass congestion with AI and infinetly scale your content delivery

System73 can enable midstream switching with any exisiting Multi-CDN stack to automate content routing in minutes.

Further, by turning on Edge Intelligence with one click, operators can use the peer-to-peer network to infinitely scale live events without requiring further integrations.

AI powers all System73 delivery solutions to predict and bypass congestion. These solutions guarantee the best live and VOD delivery, no matter where or when System73’s video experts will galdly assist you in finding the most optimal solution and assist you with your content delivery against all odds. The journey starts here with Edge Analytics Lite’s visibility.

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