How Telewizja Puls uses Edge Analytics to gain visibility

Telewizja Puls is Poland's third-largest commercial TV network and provides two nationwide channels: TV Puls and PULS 2. The company contacted System73 in 2023 with a view to enhancing visibility over their video distribution network as they were struggling to observe what happened to their content between emission and reception on the end viewer’s device. System73 provided Telewizja Puls with an immediate solution in the form of Edge Analytics. Designed as a tool for any OTT media or broadcasting service, Edge Analytics provided the company with a window to “the open internet,” allowing them to identify and understand the origin of problems occurring on the network, such as congestion.

Here’s a bit more about how this collaboration came about, the results, and how Edge Analytics could help your business achieve unprecedented visibility over your content delivery network. 

Telewizja Puls and Edge Analytics

Edge Analytics is an unrivaled real-time analytics platform, able to provide comprehensive visibility over the entire delivery chain, covering the first, middle and last mile. For Telewizja Puls, incorporating Edge Analytics into their workflow was a key step in helping them remain agile and responsive in a dynamic environment. Having been struggling to observe their content’s journey across the delivery network, chief technology officer Mariusz Kołodziejski employed System73’s Analytics solution to gain real-time insights into the network’s performance. This unprecedented level of visibility enabled Mariusz and his team to quickly identify and resolve content delivery and availability issues, thus guaranteeing their audience a top-quality viewing experience on the Telewizja Puls platform.

Edge Analytics: Visibility and clarity over the network

Edge Analytics provides OTT and broadcasting services with the visibility they need to understand the origin of problems hidden within “the open internet” where congestion occurs. This real-time information, with 1-second granularity, allows operators to take proactive steps toward an optimal and stable QoE for all viewers. This data is gathered by analyzing the entire content delivery journey, from origin to IP. This huge data collection is then contextualized depending on the selected parameters and displayed in clear, color-coded dashboards. This real-time audience data includes average buffer health, filling ratio, rebuffering ratio, total plays, average audience, sessions by browser, operating system, and connection type. It, therefore, allows content providers to identify potential congestion and bottlenecks in the network and take immediate action to ensure fast and flawless quality of experience on users’ end devices.

Other solutions from System73

Edge Analytics is free software and is the first step to achieving flawless QoE. It is also the gateway to System73’s other content delivery solutions: Edge Delivery and Edge Intelligence. Both solutions provide content providers with the best technology to offer their viewers the highest QoE while keeping operational costs to a minimum, depending on the type of content they work with, their network, and ultimate goals. 

Aided by data supplied by Edge Analytics, Edge Delivery automates proactive decisioning to reroute content through the lowest-cost CDN(s) that meet your QoE objectives while decreasing operational costs by 50%. Edge Delivery is ideal for both live and VoD content. Edge Intelligence, on the other hand, is designed exclusively for live content delivery. Leveraging our proprietary AI-based, peer-to-peer technology, Edge Intelligence creates an orchestrated broadcast tree to deliver content at the highest quality, at the highest speed, and in the most cost-effective way. It always bypasses congestion thanks to the observational power and data gained from Edge Analytics.

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