Freeing up resources for more cost-effective content delivery

The exponential growth of internet-based technologies over recent years has allowed almost every industry to free up resources and redirect investment into faster, more efficient and more reliable solutions. This radical innovation was seen with the introduction of instant messaging, created to bypass clunky and costly SMS services. 

Today, the content delivery sector is undergoing a similarly radical innovation. Many companies still employ highly skilled and qualified teams of network engineers and content delivery managers to monitor and analyze the performance of the network and CDNs, as well as end-user QoE. System73 has an alternative solution. Our analytics and decisioning tools offer the ideal opportunity to redistribute these valuable resources and allow our AI-based solutions to do the legwork by implementing informed decisions to achieve superior results and increase viewer satisfaction. 

System73’s cutting-edge routing and traffic management solutions

System73 offers three cutting-edge services that allow you to monitor your content delivery network in great detail and offload time-consuming decisioning responsibilities for live and VOD content delivery onto our two AI-based solutions. Let’s dive a little deeper into System73’s services:

  • Edge Analytics - Edge Analytics is the only video analytics solution that provides superior visibility over your entire content delivery network. It enables you to understand the origin of hidden problems on “the open internet” that cause congestion by delivering real-time data at one second granularity, and therefore pinpoint areas for improvement.

  • Edge Delivery - Nourished with the data provided by Edge Analytics, Edge Delivery is an intelligent, multi-CDN decisioning tool that automates proactive mid-stream switching to balance delivery loads, thereby reducing operational costs by up to 50%. It is compatible with all CDNs and, just like Edge Analytics, can be easily installed with one simple SDK.

  • Edge Intelligence – Tailored specifically for live content, Edge Intelligence applies agile logistics to your content delivery network to deliver at the highest quality and most cost-effectively. It implements real-time decision-making to leverage peer-to-peer connections based on data gathered by Edge Analytics without affecting the end user’s QoE. This drastically reduces the need to rely on individual CDNs in traditionally expensive and hard-to-reach regions where the demand for video streaming is growing. These CDNs are often sparsely located and as such, suffer from more latency than in better served areas such as the United States or the United Kingdom. 

Leveraging the potential of peer-to-peer streaming to reduce reliance on CDNs

Logically, the more CDNs businesses partner with, the higher the costs involved in delivering live and VOD content to viewers’ devices. Thanks to the network visibility provided by Edge Analytics, and the proactive decisioning capabilities of Edge Delivery, businesses can monitor how their CDNs are performing, if they are successfully delivering live and VOD content to viewers, or whether they are underperforming and being bypassed, which can help identify areas for improvement. 

But System73 has gone one step further. Thanks to Edge Intelligence, businesses can also significantly relieve individual CDNs of server bandwidth load by almost 80% by employing peer-to-peer delivery streaming. As a result, this can lead to significant bandwidth consumption and infrastructure maintenance cost savings by leveraging viewer devices for content distribution. Ultimately, if businesses need fewer CDNs to deliver content at a consistently high quality, the overall operational costs are reduced.

The financial impact of highly-qualified human teams

Physically monitoring content delivery networks, troubleshooting and finding the optimal delivery routes when broadcasting live content is laborious and often time-consuming. The highly qualified technicians tasked with these jobs may be more suited to other roles that put their skills to better use. 

By switching to a fully AI-based solution such as Edge Delivery or Edge Intelligence, businesses can free up valuable resources, which can in turn be invested in other areas such as content creation, research or coding. Moreover, Edge Intelligence’s advanced machine-learning algorithms help it become more intelligent over time by constantly feeling it with insights about your typical network usage and content delivery requirements. As a proactive solution, it can learn to predict potential congestion and bottlenecks even faster, thereby reducing your cost of ownership even more.

Having seen the potential savings involved in switching to the fully proactive content delivery and logistics management services that System73 have developed, we strongly encourage you to consider redistributing your current resources to more suitable roles and investing in advanced analytics and decisioning tools that will make delivering live content a much faster, more reliable and more cost-effective operation. 

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