Amman TV and Edge Intelligence

One of the main challenges faced by many content creators and providers looking to stream live or VOD content is latency. In short, latency can be defined as the time it takes content or data to get from A to B, oftentimes A being the broadcaster and B being the end-user device. Some regions of the world have a very strong content delivery infrastructure, comprising many powerful edge servers and strong interconnectivity. However, many regions in the world suffer from high latency, given the varying investment in infrastructure. 

High latency was precisely one of the challenges faced by video streaming service providers Amman TV, located in Jordan in the Middle East. Khaled Khalifeh, Head of Technology at Amman TV, contacted System73 in order to find a solution that could not only help them operate across the entire country as a 24-hour service but one that could prepare them for major growth. Here’s how System73 helped improve the quality of experience for Amman TV’s OTT content viewers and lower overall operational costs. 

Who is Amman TV?

Amman TV is today one of the largest broadcasting companies in Jordan. The project began life as a radio station before expanding onto screens and offering news and entertainment content to thousands of viewers across the country. The company’s satellite television show allows viewers to access live broadcasts and video-on-demand content covering a range of topics, as well as the Amman TV website, which acts as a hub for over-the-top (OTT) content delivery.

Amman TV's success comes down to its team’s dedication to providing quality content and adapting to audience preferences and technological advancements. This innovation in content and tech has earned them thousands of daily viewers. Given their company is fully supported by sponsors and advertising revenue, Amman TV understands the importance of delivering content that resonates with its audience, ensuring a high quality of experience (QoE) and sustainable business model. 

Amman TV’s challenge

Amman TV faced a significant challenge in expanding its content delivery options due to a lack of viable OTT platforms. Moving from an audible radio show to filmed content would require investment in much-needed infrastructure and hardware. They only had a poor-quality webcam for streaming content on their website. With a clear goal to provide high-quality video content across various devices, the team sought to overcome Jordan's infrastructural limitations, particularly concerning latency. Khaled Khalifeh, Head of Technology at Amman TV, stated how “Jordan is infamous for having some of the worst latency in the world and the technology to fix this wasn’t ready yet on a national level.” He, therefore, began his search for a solution that could not only address these challenges but also position the network for substantial growth. By building a reliable video streaming service, the aim was to enhance the company’s reputation, brand identity, and collaborative opportunities with other networks.

System73’s solution

Khaled Khalifeh came across System73. After looking into Amman TV’s needs and goals, we suggested they onboard Edge Intelligence, our innovative AI-based solution tailored for live content delivery. This solution uses its observational capabilities to scan the open internet and find the root causes of bottlenecking, which it fixes by means of a peer-to-peer-based broadcasting tree. The installation process was straightforward, made possible through a single SDK, and our support team ensured that all their requirements were met. With Edge Intelligence in place, it was able to operate as a traffic coordinator for Amman TV’s content, catering to the different devices, networks, and locations through intelligent distribution across Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

The implementation of Edge Intelligence has been a game changer for Amman TV. Their audience is now able to enjoy high-definition content at 1080p, even in remote areas. Edge Intelligence has also significantly reduced the load on CDNs, at times by up to 90%, resulting in lower production costs for the operations team and higher QoE for viewers. These significant cost savings will allow Amman TV to grow and produce increasingly relevant content. Khaled’s team is able to monitor traffic spikes via the user-friendly interface, freeing up time and resources for content production.

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