Integrating System73’s solutions into your architecture couldn’t be simpler

As users come to expect faster, more reliable and higher-quality viewing experiences, content providers face the challenge of optimizing their delivery systems and networks to ensure near-flawless playback. To help achieve such high-quality viewing, System73 has developed three solutions that can be integrated into content providers’ architecture and are up and running in a matter of minutes. In an era where user experience reigns supreme, the integration of cutting-edge solutions has become a cornerstone for success, and survival. 

In this article, we take a look at how this integration process unfolds, and explore the benefits of each individual solution, spanning enhanced QoE, delivery scope and even cost-efficiency. 

Integrating System73's Edge Solutions

System73's edge solutions—Edge Analytics, Edge Delivery, and Edge Intelligence—are strategically designed to read, analyze and enhance content delivery systems and networks for more efficient and cost-effective content delivery. These solutions offer unprecedented visibility, automated mid-stream switching and intelligent content routing that leverages peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, which not only responds to current market demands, but is also aligned with the future landscape of content delivery. Integrating any one of these solutions is a seamless, one-time operation involving a straightforward Software Development Kit (SDK).

The System73 SDK

The System73 SDK is the key to unlocking the potential of our edge solutions. With variations catering to web browsers, Android, and iOS devices, this library of code can be seamlessly integrated into your existing architecture, enabling our solutions to be up and running within as little as an hour. Once integrated, System73’s software uses the valuable information provided by the player and end user devices to optimize many of the processes involved in content delivery and playback. The SDK is also agnostic to the System73 services we provide.

Edge Analytics: Shedding light on your content delivery network

For unparalleled visibility over the content delivery network, Edge Analytics provides hundreds of Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics from buffer health to audience data, offering real-time information of every connection in the content provider’s network. Integrated and installed free of charge, Edge Analytics can help identify areas for improvement, monitor network performance and even facilitate billing based on stored data.

Edge Delivery: Mid-stream switching

Edge Delivery is a mid-stream switching solution for content providers operating in multi-CDN networks. This decisioning tool enables seamless mid-stream switching to balance delivery loads and bypass network issues such as congestion or CDN fallout, without compromising end user QoE. This automation safeguards against downtime or latency, providing a backup should the primary CDN fails.

Edge Intelligence: Leveraging the peer-to-peer network

Edge Intelligence uses data gathered by Edge Analytics to forecast congestion, optimize delivery pathways and intelligently reroute content by leveraging peer-to-peer (P2P) connections. With the potential to offload over 90% of video content downloaded directly from the CDN, Edge Intelligence significantly reduces bandwidth usage, server traffic, and potentially operating costs for content providers.

The System73 SDK, suitable for web browsers, Android, and iOS systems, is our answer to fast and easy integration with minimal coding requirements. It opens the door to your network and allows our solutions to optimize content delivery and end user QoE. The SDK can be integrated free of charge, offering you supreme network visibility of Edge Analytics from day one. And, as integration is agnostic of all three of our solutions, Edge Delivery and Edge Intelligence can be enabled at the click of a button.

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