A Corporate Events Online and System73 partnership

Over the past several years, in a shift accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the infrastructure supporting remote work, online weekly meetings, and large, online corporate events has exploded. This growth and development across almost all sectors has given companies the opportunity to innovate and adapt to changing circumstances and preferences and benefit from the numerous advantages online events can provide. From cost savings and logistical efficiencies to the chance to reach wider and more diverse audiences, the transition to virtual events, in particular, has transformed the way corporations see, plan, and manage both small- and large-scale events and everything in between.

One company at the forefront of this transformation is Corporate Events Online (CEO). CEO has been in operation since 2004, long before the pandemic and long before online meetings and events were as engrained in companies’ organization strategies as they are today. With a view to catering to a growing list of clients looking to host increasingly larger events, CEO reached out to System73 for a holistic solution to simplifying their content delivery strategy, maintaining their viewers’ quality of experience, and lowering latency and costs. This article takes a closer look at the partnership we were able to build. 

Who are Corporate Events Online?

Corporate Events Online (CEO) has been providing event technology and services since 2004, successfully overseeing thousands of events for numerous clients. They manage corporate events on their streaming platform, StagePro, for audiences of up to 10,000 attendees, ranging from small gatherings to large-scale conferences. CEO has become the preferred choice for high-profile global events streamed worldwide, thanks to its dedicated team of experienced event professionals.

Their goal is to use technology to create effective events that yield results, such as sales meetings, product launches, and corporate training sessions. CEO's Jim Fiore, founder and product owner, says his company is committed to helping global corporations "unite their organization" and spread their message through online broadcasting, supported by CEO's tools and talent.

CEO’s challenge

Facing a surge in client requests and a growing demand for large-scale events, CEO sought a comprehensive solution that would help them manage global video traffic efficiently. They needed something that could handle this traffic, ensure seamless connectivity and high-quality global video streaming, and bypass the need to invest in numerous CDNs. What’s more, CEO wanted to offer their clients more control over traffic management while guaranteeing minimal latency and consistent quality of experience (QoE). With customers streaming content across the globe, founder Jim Fiore was looking for a solution that would not involve building and maintaining a multiple CDN network. So, CEO approached System73 for assistance in finding a software-based solution that could meet their needs and goals.

System73’s solution

By initiating a partnership with System73, CEO gained access to our suite of AI-powered tools to efficiently deliver live content worldwide without the need to find and manage multiple CDNs. Our solution to CEO’s challenge: Edge Delivery, our multi-CDN strategy that keeps content flowing at optimum bitrates and with minimal latency by automatically switching to the most appropriate and closest CDN, informed by AI-based decision-making. 

We also set CEO up with Edge Intelligence, which implements a centralized, peer-to-peer content broadcasting tree. This would not only help reduce the strain on CDN bandwidth, but also add an extra layer of protection for their clients. CEO are now able to take on bigger clients and bigger events, confident about their content delivery capabilities thanks to System73’s solutions. Over the past four years, we have been able to adjust and update the services we provide to CEO according to their evolving needs. 

For more information about our Edge solutions or to book a call with System73, visit system73.com.