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The problem with delivering

live sports content through the internet

The internet is an incredibly complex and rapidly changing environment involving billions of nodes and an infinite number of potential data paths. The problem lies in the Border Gateway Protocol.

It directs data over routers which reflect the fewest number of hops – without regard to available capacity of nodes and links along that path. It uses an uninformed spray and pray methodology that utilizes multiple bitrates to deal with congestion.

How is the industry

solving this problem?

By adding more hardware to meet the rapidly growing demand for data throughput. Adding more hardware has proven not to work. Current approach will not support increasingly heavy data loads for 4K, 8K and Metaverse with require between 10X and 100X the bandwidth.

How to rethink
the problem?

Incrementally fixing a broken process does not work. What is required is a new approach.Transporting data over the open internet is at its core a transportation problem – no different than delivering packages. If the packages are being sent through the shortest route and the shortest route is congested, then the content must be routed through an alternative route

Why hasn’t transportation optimization been applied before?

It all revolves around the challenge in determinining the capacity and demand given the infinite variability of the Internet. Until now, utilizing transportation optimization was considered a mathematically unsolvable solution.

You need

true visibility

Into the entire delivery path – not just the last or first mile, but the critical middle mile where the majority of congestion occurs largely as a result of spikes in concurrent demand associated with linear (live) events

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Edge Analytics:
The solution to the problem

Our set of solutions are all powered with Edge Analytics' visibility over the entire delivery path (first, last & middle mile). They utilize supervised AI to generate forecasts of the true capacity and demand. Our AI model outputs data that is then used as input for the transporation optimization model.

This results in

Your content always being automatically routed through the most optimal route
Avoiding most QoE failures by bypassing congestion
Profit maximization through bitrate management

Delivery with
Edge Delivery & Intelligence

The System73 effect

Generate broadcast quality
Reduce both total latency and its variability
Create massive last-mile distribution efficiencies

Incredible results for our customers

Transmission Quality:
94% achieving bit rates at the highest encoding rate

of the audience
at the highest resolution

Brightcove Partner

of the traffic on the System73
Edge Intelligence Network
traffic on the CDN