System73™ Intelligent Polycasting is a managed transport layer that creates private routes over the open Internet dynamically reconfigured based upon forecasts of frequently changing congestion levels to provide users with broadcast Quality of Experience (QoE) for their digital content delivery by:
  • Maintaining a map of shared links (e.g., ASNs and the peering points interconnecting them),
  • Generating metrics by monitoring network traffic among the nodes that cross those shared links (i.e., ASN peering points)
  • Analyzing the metrics and the map over time (employing a deep learning engine) to forecast congestion levels reflecting the changing capacity of the shared links,
  • Dynamically reconfiguring the topology of overlay networks based on the forecasted congestion levels (utilizing proprietary non-linear optimization techniques) to generate optimal routes for the digital content among client nodes along the overlay networks, and utilizing polycasting techniques employing the highly secure WebRTC standard to significantly reduce the number of streams.
System73 handles unscheduled as well as scheduled events, streams live as well as pre-recorded events, and streams those events in real time with minimal delay in a highly scalable fashion that maintains a consistent QoE among large numbers of concurrent viewers.

In the context of routing packets on the Internet, distance (or geographic proximity) is not directly relevant because packets in an uncongested network travel near the speed of light. Speed, however, is affected by:

  • The number of stops or roadblocks encountered along a route, or in this context the number of “hops” encountered at intermediate routers between two nodes. Thus, two nodes can be said to be “nearby” each other (in “network proximity”) if they are only a relatively few hops apart, regardless of their geographic proximity.
  • Congestion at intermediate nodes along the path between two nodes.

Both these issues can be addressed by dynamically rerouting traffic – i.e., dynamically reconfiguring System73’s managed overlay network which determines the optimal path between two nodes – while continuously monitoring relevant network traffic and applying state-of-the-art analytics that enable Network Operators and Broadcasters to quantify the viewing patterns and demographics of their viewing audience.

System73 delivers the highest quality content to the furthest reaches of the internet on any device (phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and connected TVs) by employing private routing tables and creating a “virtual data trunk,” rivaling the quality and reliability of any managed network.

Login to the System73 Playout Control Center to easily add, modify, schedule, start and stop broadcasts, and set-up your channels. In the Analytics Control Center, monitor and analyze broadcasts. The analytics data can be collected, stored, and delivered through an API directly into your in-house management system. The System73 Call in Support tool provides real time information about any and all problems with the broadcast down to the individual viewer enabling you to take real time corrective action.