System73 provides state-of-the art video distribution services rivaling the quality and reliability of managed MSO networks and over-the-air reception with the capability of reaching mass concurrent audiences on tablets, phones, OTT boxes, and connected Televisions.

Network control center integration

Full readout of data over the open internet. Just like your Managed Network.

Playout monitor analytics

Full analytics readout on a per-user basis, including advertising and
usage behavior (e.g., click stream).

Ultra low latency

Preserves high quality and timing for news and sports events.

Accommodates real time targeted ad insertion

Works with state-of-the-art and emerging targeted ad systems.

Integrates geo-blocking schemes

Preserves contractual integrity.

Works with DRM

Seamless integration with current workflow and CDN.

Reach unlimited Concurrent users

Highest consumer quality and experience especially during high traffic
periods or through poor unmanaged networks.

P to P assist

Virtually unlimited audiences for peak events — i.e series premieres,
sports, etc.

Historical and archival analysis

Supports (broadcaster) strategy and analysis.

Internet Predictive Traffic modeling

Virtually unlimited audiences, highest resolution, highest consumer experience.
Supports instant “burst” in views from breaking news and sports events.